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PSACO has proposed to the Civil Rules Committee, changing C.R.C.P. Rule 4 to address our Associations concern regarding the safety for the citizens of Colorado, the protection of defendants’ rights and to modernize the rules of service to reflect today’s changes in lifestyles and workplace.

Our position in regards to:


  • Ensure efficient service of process
  • Allow service to be effected on life partners and roommates, residing at the same address
  • Allow service to be effected on individuals by serving a responsible person by title
  • Allow service to be effected on LLC’s by serving the Manager on duty
  • Enforce Corporations to allow service in the workplace, as currently, some businesses request we leave
  • Enforce the Registered Agent Statue, by requiring a Registered Agent to be present or appoint a person to accept on their behalf

Our judicial system requires documents be served at the onset of a case. The mentality today, is to avoid service at all cost. Modernizing the civil rules of service to more accurately reflect the  way people live and work today, would preserve the courts time and protect defendants rights.

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