Process Servers Certification Course – Curriculum

Below is an outline of the curriculum taught in the PSACO Certification Course. Attendees spent 12 hours of the time, to better themselves regarding their profession.

•Purpose of certification course
• Expectations of a Professional Process Server
• The Starting Point – Professional Affiliations
• Registration and Certification affect Process Servers
• Colorado Court System Overview (Reference Manual)
• Process Server Safety (Reference Manual)
• Avoiding Trespass and Harassment (Reference Manual)
• Understanding Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 4/304 and 504
• Understanding Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 45/345 and 545
• The Difference between serving Rule 69 and 369 Interrogatories
• Refusal of Copy (Service By Refusal) C.R.C.P., Rule 4/304/504 (k)
• Understanding Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 45/345 and 545
• Serving Techniques with Role Play
• Purpose of Video or Audio recording
• The Field Sheet – Proper Documentation of Service Attempts and Service Completion
• Service Attempts and Effecting Service of Process Parts, 1 through 6
• Arrival and approaching the front door
• Addressing the person who answers the door with Role Play
• Effecting service of process (Role Play)
• Effecting Service – Restraining Orders/Protection Orders
• Creating Affidavits (Return of Service)
• Documenting Service By Refusal on your Affidavit
• Client Service
• Serving Out of State Papers
• Locate Techniques
• Surveillance – Best Practices
• Law Enforcement Contact
• Service at Hospitals (Reference Manual)
• Process Server Software
• Marketing Your Business
• Exam

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