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HB 17-1095 & HB 17-1160 will be Introduced to House Judicial Committee 04/13/2017

On April 13, 2016 Representative Melton is scheduled to introduce HB 17-1095 and HB 17-1160. Everyone is invited to attend the committee meeting. HB 17-1095, addresses Access to Secured Dwellings, while HB 17-1160 offers vetting of process servers ensuring residents of gated/secured communities and multi-family dwelling unfettered criminal are not being released in their safe zones.

Remember be polite, Be Respectful and represent our Profession WELL

Meeting Location

State Capitol Room 112

Committee meets at 1:30 pm

Links to Bills


HB 17-1160


TransUnion – TLO Update

With the passing of the PI Licensing Bill, TLO has no current plan to require process servers to be licensed to access their database.


CSC – 1560 Broadway

Effective July 2014, Pam Trujillo is no longer with the Corporation Service Company (CSC), all service will be made at CSC by naming Kurt Plender as Clerk.

The Corporation Service Company (CSC) is located at 1560 Broadway, #209, Denver, CO 80205. CSC will also accept service for the following national registered agents:

 Prentice-Hall Corporation System, Inc.
 United States Corporation Company
 LexisNexis Document Solutions, Inc.
 CorpAmerica, Inc.
 The Company Corporation


Colorado PI Licensing

On June 6, 2014, Mandatory Licensing for Private Investigators became law in Colorado and will become effective June 1, 2015.

What this means for process servers:

As Process Servers, we’re fine. We can still do everything we’ve always done, as long as it’s part of serving process or due diligence to verify information on an Affidavit. Which includes:

Inquiries to neighbors about the person we’re attempting to serve

  • Skip tracing
  • Surveillance
  • Running license plates
  • USPS forwarding forms

Note: In matters received from non-attorneys, you must have documents in hand. For requests to effect service made through an attorney, skip tracing efforts can begin prior to receipt of the documents to be served. Best practice would be to receive the request to locate and serve by email and save a copy for your protection.


Surveillance and skip traces in matters not resulting in service of process and all asset searches performed, require a PI License after June of 2015.


New Board Members

PSACO held elections for Board of Directors at the December Meeting. Congratulations to the the newly elected Board Members. Directors are elected for a two year term.

See the Directors Page

  • Emanuel Najee-Ullah of Court Process Enforcement, Founder and Director
  • Isaac Points of Points Process Services, Director
  • Linda Gibson-Hendricks of Document Services Plus, LLC, Director
  • Lori Simpson of Aces High Special Investigations Services, Inc., Director

President: Steven D. Glenn of Magnum-Diego Priority Services, LLC

Vice President: Cindy Johnson of CMH& Company


Sign this petition to make it a Felony to assault a process server

Petition for PAARPS

Steven D. Glenn

Magnum-Diego Priority Services, LLC

President, Process Servers Association of Colorado

Director, National Association of Professional Process Servers




Colorado Notary Law Changes 08/08/12

Messages to Notaries regarding changes in state law

Colorado Secretary of State sent this bulletin at 07/24/2012 08:49 AM MDT

Dear Colorado Notary Public,

Please read this message in its entirety as it contains important information on changes to the notary law that will impact you.

On August 8, 2012, changes to the notary law become effective. You are responsible for complying with these new standards. These important changes are:

  • JOURNAL REQUIREMENTS – A journal book will be required to contain the type and date of the notarial act, the title or type of document being notarized, the name, address and signature of the person signing, and the name, address, and signature of each witness to the notarization.
  • SEAL STANDARDS– The notary seal standards have changed. Renewing notaries will be required to obtain and use a seal that conforms to new standards.  The new seal standards require:
    • A rectangle rubber ink stamp.
    • The stamp must contain within the outline the notary’s printed legal name, the words ‘Notary Public,’ the words ‘State of Colorado,’ the notary’s 11-digit ID number, and the notary’s commission expiration date.
  • Currently commissioned notaries may continue using seals obtained before August 8, 2012 until renewal of their commission. 

You should read the signed bill to familiarize yourself with all the new standards.  House Bill 12-1274 (PDF)

Thank you for your continued service to the people of Colorado.  Please contact our office if you have questions or need additional information about the standards.  More information is on our website at  If you have questions, you may email us at [email protected] or call 303-894-2200 ext. 9500.


New Notary Seal Example


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