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NAPPS Chartered State Association

The Process Servers Association of Colorado is proud to announce, on August 3, 2013 we became a Chartered State Association of the National Association of Professional Process Servers.

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A note from the President

To process servers across Colorado, this is a proud moment for our Association, it marks a new beginning to a long journey. Let us never mistake the beginning for the end, for our work never ends. Currently, we are working towards registration and certification, access to gated communities and a process server assault bill. I ask each of you to join our efforts to protect our industry and help us move toward a level of professionalism that mirrors the standards of the Judicial System we serve. Always remember your “Voice” counts.



Steven D. Glenn
President, Process Server Association of Colorado


PSACO Membership Growing

As our membership grows and we add members outside of the State of Colorado it is important that we support members of PSACO. I have attached a roster of PSACO members, if you send business outside of your area, I would urge you to check out our members roster and send business to a PSACO member whenever you can. This increases the value of your PSACO membership. The roster will be update as new members are added.


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