PSACO October 2016 Training (Online)

10:00 am to 11:30 am
Skype (Online Only)

Members and non-members are welcome to all PSACO meetings.


Safety is a concern for all of us, recently a process server had a gun pulled and pointed at him, a female process server was bum rushed by a male with his fist in the air. Let’s discuss how to handle these situations when they occur so you get home safely and specifically how we conduct ourselves with the police after these situations occur.

An update will be provided in regards to our efforts to obtain Permissible Access to gated communities and the Registration of Process Servers in Colorado. A lot of misinformation is being spread around the states in regards to this topic. Join us as we set the record straight. Colorado Process Servers need to unite as our profession is being locked out from those we need to serve and the problem is getting worst daily.


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