PACES 2015

8:00 am to 5:00 pm
ServeNow Offices
3120 Blake Street
Denver, CO 80205

PACES 2015

Featuring Michele Stuart, Jag Investigations

Live and in person, due to the proprietary information presented, this 8 hour event will not be broadcast over the internet nor will videos of the event made available.

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Michele Stuart is a licensed Private Investigator in the State of Arizona with twenty years of experience specializing in the areas of Financial, Open Source Investigations (OSINT), Corporate Investigations, and Intelligence/Counter Intelligence. She started her investigative career as an Economic Fraud Investigator.

Ms. Stuart is an Adjunct Professor with University of Virginia and an Instructor at Quantico for multi-country training programs. She provides seminars on her specialized investigative techniques in Open Source Investigations (OSINT). Over the past years she has provided presentations, and private training, to both Federal and State levels of Law Enforcement Agencies and Military Intelligence throughout the United States including attendees of Department of Homeland Security, US Marshals, FBI, DOJ, Border Patrol, Indian Tribal Nations and local law enforcement agencies throughout the country.

Michele Stuart has received the following prestigious awards:




Audio or video recording prohibited.

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