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Support Process Server Safety

PSACO endorses and supports the PAAPRS platform created by

PSACO and team up to offer a webinar outlining the PAAPRS platform. The webinar will be held on November, 8, 2012 at 11 am MST, to register for the online event here

The PAAPRS campaign is an initiative focused on raising awareness about process server assault and promoting regulations and law changes that further protect process servers. Association leaders and members of the profession have long-complained that assaults in the industry are not being reported or receiving the media coverage they deserve. PAAPRS plans to take on that issue by providing national coverage of incidents as well as becoming a resource for process servers to get educated and share their experiences.

With the Process Server Assault Map, helpful articles, videos, and other information, PAAPRS hopes to aid process servers in staying safe, sharing their stories, and bringing awareness to the hidden dangers in serving legal documents. Endorsed by several process server associations and built with the input of members of the profession, PAAPRS is here to support the industry in whatever way it can. Take a stand and show that you support process server safety by embedding the PAAPRS badge, displayed to the right, on your website.

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