PSACO Conceal Carry Course

8 am to 2 pm
ServeNow Offices
3120 Blake Stree
Denver, CO 80202

Course Length: 8 Hours

Course of instruction will include approximately 6 hours of classroom instruction (Saturday) and a minimum of 2 hours on the range (Sunday)


Course Requirements

Semi-automatic pistol of at least .380 caliber, minimum of 2 extra magazines, 200 rounds of ammunition, hearing and eye protection, serviceable holster, training mindset.


Course Introduction

This Defensive Handgun course gives you a solid foundation beyond basic gun handling and marksmanship skills. Topics covered include the following: safety, stance, grip, sight alignment and trigger control; holster selection, concealment methods, ammunition selection.

Familiarization with their service pistol includes field stripping and maintenance. In addition to this, other topics that are covered include reloads, draw, and introduction to different skill drills including dry fire, malfunction drills and point shooting.


Range Drills

Range drills include Close-Contact, Palm-Strike Step-Back, response to threats right, left, and rear, supported kneeling, moving and shooting, using cover and concealment, shooting at distances up to 25 yards.

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