Colorado Process Servers Stakeholders Meeting

10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
ServeNow Offices
3120 Blake Street
Denver, CO 80205

PSACO will petition the Colorado Legislature for the Registration of Process Servers, Exemption to Trespass and Obstruction of Service

Exemption to Trespass

Our bill will allow process servers unannounced access to gated communities, secure apartment complexes and non-governmental businesses, without the fear of being ticketed for trespass, as long as the process server does not break the law.

Obstruction of Service

This bill will allow process servers, to serve any individual who denies access to an individual or company for the service of process, on the first attempt without a court order. Any person blocking or denying access to a person residing in a secured or gated community, or a company denies access for the purpose of service of process to an individual, will automatically become that persons agent.

Process Servers Registration

In order for us to obtain an exemption to trespass and obstruction of service, process servers will be required to be registered through the State of Colorado. This is not a licensing bill. The Registration program will allow law enforcement to distinguish process servers from civilians whom are serving papers, to assist a friend in need. Individuals whom serve papers to assist a friend in need, will be limited to 5 services per year. The idea of identifying who is and isn’t a registered process server, will separate those whom will be exempt from trespass and those whom are not.

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