TLO Update

On December 16, 2013, TransUnion completed the acquisition of TLO. TransUnion is committed to the principles of founder, Hank Ashers. TransUnion is in the process of importing millions of records into the TLO data framework. In the near future look for new products and enhancements to TLO’s current search tools.


PSACO Welcomes New Board Member

PSACO is proud to announce the addition of a new member of the Board of Directors, Rick Markowitz.

Rick brings leadership and work ethic to an already talented board. Rick is committed to assist our current leaders in assisting our Association in reaching the next level.

Congratulation Rick Markowitz.


NAPPS Chartered State Association

The Process Servers Association of Colorado is proud to announce, on August 3, 2013 we became a Chartered State Association of the National Association of Professional Process Servers.

Here is the link

A note from the President

To process servers across Colorado, this is a proud moment for our Association, it marks a new beginning to a long journey. Let us never mistake the beginning for the end, for our work never ends. Currently, we are working towards registration and certification, access to gated communities and a process server assault bill. I ask each of you to join our efforts to protect our industry and help us move toward a level of professionalism that mirrors the standards of the Judicial System we serve. Always remember your “Voice” counts.



Steven D. Glenn
President, Process Server Association of Colorado


PPIAC Mandatory Licensing

I just received conformation, PPIAC will resubmit their PI Mandatory Licensing Bill In October 2013. PSACO will review the wording of the bill, should process servers not be exempt from the licensing, we will oppose the bill.


PI Licensing Bill Update

SB 13-259 Mandatory Private Investigators Licensing Bill submitted by PPIAC, has passed the Senate Committee, however, not in its original form. Licensing has been changed to mandatory “Registration”.  The apprenticeship program has been eliminated and the only requirements to become a “Registered Private Investigator” in Colorado, is to pass an open book test, a background check and obtain a surety bond.

Process Servers are currently excluded from obtaining the designation of “Registered Private Investigator”, as long as their inquiries are in efforts to effect service of process.

The Bill will be presented to the full Senate, Monday and is expected to pass. The Bill will then be presented to the House before the end of the legislative session.



For Process Servers and Investigators currently using TLO, I have an important message. TLO is not dead nor are they going out business. I would recommend not terminating service.

TLO has hired 50 programmers to fix the issues and import data from new vendors, which they state, would provide home based process servers and investigators the same data and access level available prior to TLO’s current issue. TLO went on to state, the ability to locate individuals should improve and be more stable than before.

It is not my place to state the true issues regarding limiting of data to home based process servers and investigators, however my source agrees the issue could have and should have been handled better. My source assures me, the internet rumors are not true. I have been asked to contact my source on Monday, May 13, 2013 for an update.


Stay tuned!


PSACO Court Cheat Sheet updated 12/25/13

PSACO Colorado Court Cheat Sheet

The Process Servers Association of Colorado releases update to Colorado Court Cheat Sheet dated 12/25/13. The Cheat Sheet, identifies documents served in Colorado, listing the time computations for service and who can be served. The Court Cheat Sheet is designed to be printed on one page, front and back then laminated.

PSACO Court Cheat Sheet 122513



PI Licensing Bill Could Affect Process Servers

Who would have thought, PSACO is in the right place at the right time. Protecting process servers in Colorado, whether you are a member or not.

PPIAC has been approved to submit a late bill to change their voluntary licensing to “mandatory” licensing. How does this affect process servers in Colorado you might ask?

First, a little history.  The current voluntary licensing law, excludes process servers. In a meeting with Chris Bray, the current Chairman of the Board of PPIAC, I was told process servers would not be excluded from licensing. He explained, process servers perform investigative task. The fact we ask questions, run skip traces and perform surveillance, we should “license up”, as he calls it. This would require every process server to be licensed, or they could not ask questions of the person who answered the door or of the neighbor.

I have spoken to the Chairman of the PPIAC Licensing Committee and we have submitted language to him which would exclude process servers from licensing in the performance of our duties. However, investigative tasks performed outside the scope of serving process will require licensing. This means, process servers who want to perform investigative tasks like, background checks, skip traces or surveillance, not related to service of process will be required to get a license.

My companies Magnum Diego and Peak Process Servers, perform asset searches, motor vehicle reports, criminal history and more, for our client. Should mandatory license become law, these investigations would require us to get licensed to continue to produce these types of reports.

Why is this important, we cannot control the fact private investigators want mandatory licensing. We can and will fight requiring process servers to be included under the bill, in the performance of our duties to effect service.

Here is what we ask PPIAC to include in their bill

Private process servers within the State of Colorado performing their duties in compliance with the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, or in accordance with applicable foreign state court rules or statutes pertaining to service of foreign process within Colorado, including inquiries related to affecting proper service of process and resulting supporting proofs, declarations, or affidavits of service, and/or declarations or affidavits of due diligence to support alternative methods of service or process, are exempt from this statute.

A special thanks to my friend John Perez for the wording to exclude process servers.

The bill should be introduced to the Colorado Senate shortly. We will verify the language in regards to process servers and either support or fight the bill depending on the language.

Should you have questions, as always reply to the email or call me.


Steven D. Glenn

President, Process Servers Association of Colorado



New C.R.C.P. Rule 45 to take effect 01/01/2013

Colorado has repealed the current rule governing service of subpoenas and readopted the New C.R.C.P. 45. The new Rule 45, will become effective 01/01/2013. The new rule changes the time for service prior to appearance or action. In the rule that will be repealed, service of a subpoena needed to be accomplished 48 hours prior to the event. The new rule provides service to be effected anywhere from 48 hours to 14 days prior to the event.


Subpoena for Trail or Hearing 48 hours

Subpoena for Deposition 7 days

Subpoena for Documents 14 days


The new rule, will authorize a sitting judge to quash service of any subpoena not served within the time frames, by motion to quash service for failing to allow reasonable time to comply.


Also the new rule will allow subpoenas requiring a witness fee check to be issued and served at the same time or the witness fee check to be mailed or delivered to the person prior the event.


New CRPC Rule 45

New Board Members

PSACO held elections for Board of Directors at the December Meeting. Congratulations to the the newly elected Board Members. Directors are elected for a two year term.

See the Directors Page

  • Emanuel Najee-Ullah of Court Process Enforcement, Founder and Director
  • Isaac Points of Points Process Services, Director
  • Linda Gibson-Hendricks of Document Services Plus, LLC, Director
  • Lori Simpson of Aces High Special Investigations Services, Inc., Director

President: Steven D. Glenn of Magnum-Diego Priority Services, LLC

Vice President: Cindy Johnson of CMH& Company


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