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Colorado Private Investigators Licensing

The Licensing of Private Investigators in Colorado, is a reality . DORA will begin accepting applications to license individuals whom want to perform investigations, on January 1, 2015. The law exempts process servers from being licensed in the performance of their duties to effect service of process or provide due diligence of a service. Simply put, process servers can perform skip traces, perform surveillance, run license plate checks and talk to the neighbors without being licensed as a private investigator. As long as the investigative task is associated with attempting to effect service of process.

Any investigative task not associated with attempting to serve papers will require the individual to be licensed as a private investigator. Asset searches and bank searches are investigative task which will require licensing.

PSACO encourages process servers to obtain a Private Investigator license, if you perform investigative task out side of service of process. Please review your business name and website to ensure you comply with the new law.


TransUnion – TLO Update

With the passing of the PI Licensing Bill, TLO has no current plan to require process servers to be licensed to access their database.


CSC – 1560 Broadway

Effective July 2014, Pam Trujillo is no longer with the Corporation Service Company (CSC), all service will be made at CSC by naming Kurt Plender as Clerk.

The Corporation Service Company (CSC) is located at 1560 Broadway, #209, Denver, CO 80205. CSC will also accept service for the following national registered agents:

 Prentice-Hall Corporation System, Inc.
 United States Corporation Company
 LexisNexis Document Solutions, Inc.
 CorpAmerica, Inc.
 The Company Corporation


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