The difference between 69 and 369 Interrogatories, and serving someone in court

At the PACES conference I discussed the difference between 69 and 369 Interrogatories. I state there are two differences, the differences are as follows:

· Rule 69 is District Court Interrogatories and must be served personally to the named person.

· Rule 369 is County and Small Claims Court Interrogatories and can be sub-served to any family member over the age of 18 at the usual place of abode or at the workplace.

There was a discussion and I promised to do the research and provide the documentation to clarify my statement. Attached are copies of Rule 69 and 369. I highlight the part stating how the papers need to be served. Rule 69 Interrogatories must be handed to the person named, while Rule 369 Interrogatories can be sub-served

I have also been informed that service at the court house is okay. There is a Rule which permits service to and from court where the people have been subpoenaed to appear.

Steven D. Glenn
Magnum-Diego Priority Services, LLC
President, Process Servers Association of Colorado
Director, National Association of Professional Process Servers



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