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PSACO Membership Growing

As our membership grows and we add members outside of the State of Colorado it is important that we support members of PSACO. I have attached a roster of PSACO members, if you send business outside of your area, I would urge you to check out our members roster and send business to a PSACO member whenever you can. This increases the value of your PSACO membership. The roster will be update as new members are added.


NAPPS Appointment

PSACO President and NAPPS Director, Steve Glenn asked to serve as Co-Chairman of the NAPPS Legislative Committee

NAPPS Legislative Committee


PSACO Annual Conference and Education Seminar (PACES)

The 1st PSACO Annual Conference and Education Seminar (PACES) is taking shape and is scheduled for October 2012 . The Board is in the process of locking down a location. The agenda is taking shape and trust me there will be more education than conference, with about an hour of PSACO Business and the Education Seminar will encompass the balance of the day. The speakers will offer value and education for those looking to enter our industry, new servers and the old guard. This will be an event you will not want to miss. Click here for updates PACES.


Improving Web Rankings for Process Servers

The following presentation was given at the May 2012 PSACO meeting. Discussion topics include on-site optimization, content development and the benefits of link-building and directory submissions.
Improving Web Rankings for Process Servers
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Colorado’s NAPPS Director




April 30, 2012 From PSACO Process Servers Association of Colorado.


We the membership of PSACO wish to congratulate our organization’s President, Steve Glenn of Magnum-Diego Priority Services , for being elected to serve on the Board of Directors of NAPPS National Association of Professional Process Servers, at that organization’s Annual Conference in Boston last week. Steve is the second NAPPS member from Colorado ever to be elected to the Board. Congratulations Steve!



Melissa Brookstone

Colorado Process Servers

Member of NAPPS and PSACO


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